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Design B2B communications

What we do JSC FPC annual report 2013

Shortlisted in category “Best annual report of non-public company”

Winner in category “Best disclosure of business model in report of non-public company”

II place in category "Best annual report in sector of transporation and communications

There was the first public report of JSC FPC. While developing the report we met the key challenge — creation of system of reporting and information gathering in the company. Despite the non-public status of the company, the report conformed to the best practices of public companies and had already been received recognition in professional competitions.

There was disclosed comprehensive information on the activities of the company in the report including achievements in the field of strategy implementation and future plans, a risk map with risk mitigation measures, detailed market overview, the business model fortified by quantitative indicators, investment results and plans.

The report was designed to be easy to read, contained a large amount of infographics. Recurring yellow line that runed accross the report became one of the key design elements. It offered orientation for hard of seeing. The project also included a mobile application with augmented reality technology that allowed users to visualize the rolling stock of the company and other information.

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